Teresa's Bio (the sound bite!)

Classical Ballerina; Interlochen, Joffrey Ballet; Univ of Utah-BA in Theatre; turned competitive Athlete and Fitness Pro/Biz owner - TAVLifestyle; turned working Professional Actress/ Choreographer/  Dancer-Argentine Tango; extensive footnotes as dance instructor and as designer of "Slipper's to Heels" program;  launched small clothing line "Teresa's Besitos;"  Travel, Travel, Travel...lots of Projects, Gigs, Shows, etc... NYC to SF to LA to CO to Europe- Poland...back to New York.  2012 Opening of Volgenau Studio. On faculty of The Jofffrey Ballet School and Broadway Dance Center. Seeking her tanguero, loving her work, embracing her adventure...2015 return to Colorado. Teaching, and painting (www.TAVolgenau.com)

Teresa's Bio (the long version!)

A “woman of extremes” can conjure up a number of visions, but how about a woman who spent her youth gracing major stages with the beauty and technical proficiency demanded of ballerinas striving for a professional career. Yet is also a woman who seeks out adventure travel, extreme sports, and has spent a month without a shower climbing the mountains of the Himalayas. An elegantly-spunky gal name Teresa Anne Volgenau takes on the “refined” and the “rustic” with the same plan of attack—discipline, determination and a whole lot of charm.

A freckly-fresh red-head and "hyper-athletic without losing an ounce of femininity," Teresa grew up as a Colorado mountain girl. At the young age of 15 she outgrew her hometown to pursue her dreams in the world of classical ballet. She has trained and performed with such notable companies as Milwaukee Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, New York’s Joffrey Ballet, and graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy.

Teresa believes her intense drive and early years committed to the cut-throat art of ballet are exactly what have stabilized her successes today. “My soul is certainly that of a technically driven and boundlessly expressive artist. I have always been drawn to the stage, towards movement, and the power of the human voice.” 

While obtaining a Theatre Degree from University of Utah, Teresa balanced her studies with teaching and setting choreography for local dance and theatre companies, and traveled Internationally as an actress/dancer/choreographer.  She also went crazy enjoying the mountains and great outdoors. Indulging in all the recreational sports she had previously been on contract NOT to do kept her newly found freedoms out of the college party scene, and into the arenas of competitive mountain biking and triathlon. Even still her inner passions remained with the creative arts. Shortly after graduation she packed up and headed further west to get a taste of the sophistication and culture of San Francisco.

During her six years in the Bay Area , Teresa established herself not only as a desirable actress in the theatre and independent film communities, but also built up a profitable business as a personal fitness trainer and sport-specific coach. Still… she sought out more. After landing a principal role alongside Academy Award winning actor, Sean Penn in “The Assassination of Richard Nixon” she moved her career to Los Angeles. In January of 2004, Teresa came to LA and hit the ground sprinting.

Los Angeles was a brilliant 7 year stint for Teresa. Every day an adventure as she took on various theatrical and commercial projects, performed Argentine Tango, choreographed, and taught dance classes- including her uniquely designed “Slippers to Heels” dance program. In November of 2009, she launched "Teresa's Besitos"--her own travel and dance inspired clothing line.

After recovering from lower-spinal surgery during the Winter of 2010-11, Teresa continued to bounce between numerous creative and artistic projects in the US and Europe.  She returned to Poland, Spring 2011 for Argentine Tango performances/workshops with USA partner, Grisha Nisnevich, as well as took on a few contemporary choreographic and teaching ventures. 

Summer of 2011, Teresa accepted the position of Dance Master and Choreographer for Denver’s Rocky Mountain “Fame” Theatrical Program. 

August of 2011, Teresa blazed back to Warsaw, Poland to engage in a new dance partnership with Piotr Wozniak.  TangoVW was launched and toured for 6 months.

2012, Teresa returned to the USA basing herself in NEW YORK for new choreographic, teaching and performance opportunities. During Fall 2012,Teresa joined the teaching faculty of The JOFFREY BALLET SCHOOL, and during 2014 she joined BROADWAY DANCE CENTER (CTP).

2015, after 25+ years away, Teresa returns to Colorado to teach, choreograph, and inspire. "It's time to finally come home!" In addition to coaching young, up and coming dancers, Teresa has dedicated herself to the canvas.  Www.TAVolgenau.com

In a nutshell, Teresa can be described as super feminine and giggly-romantic, yet she can drive a motorcycle and doesn't mind getting uncomfortable or dirty for a unique experience. Her personal hobbies include anything athletic and in the sunshine, mountain biking, wine tasting, studying Spanish, music (from Mozart to Mraz to Metallica), endless dancing (from close-embrace-tango to silly-clubstyle-in-the-kitchen), and of course laughter ...especially at herself.

Catch her while you can. Teresa will certainly cover you in besitos and a love of life!